Feng Shui home improvement ideas

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that emphasizes on the methods to help fill a certain living space with positive energies. Feng Shui techniques are not very difficult to learn and use. Rather, this science is a set of simple practices that can help in balancing the energies in a living space so as to attract good health, well being and fortune for the people inhabiting that space.

Off late, Feng Shui has become a very popular practice for defining home interiors. Many people have experienced the good chi (energy), which is generated with the right Feng Shui, to have a very positive impact on their living. Incorporating Feng Shui in your home interiors does not always have to involve too much of money or effort. A simple understanding of the laws can help you create a wonderfully, harmonious home that you will love to live in.

When it comes to using Feng Shui in your home, it is important that you understand some of the basic fundamentals of this technique. With the basics right, you will be able to easily influence your life with positive energy or good chi that will be created in your home.

Basic Feng Shui fundamentals

Sunlight and airflow

For good amount of positive energy in your home, you will need good amount of sunlight and airflow. Feng Shui believes that the good chi follows airflow and sunlight. The more of these you have in your home; the better would be the positive energy. Therefore, for high quality of good chi in your home, you need to utilize both these essential elements appropriately. Having big windows with light colored drapes allow more sunlight and hence is considered to be a good Feng Shui practice.

Use of air purifiers and air fresheners is also a good practice for generating positive chi in your house. Also, try to open the windows of your house even if it is for a little while to allow fresh airflow through the house.

De-clutter your house

Unorganized homes with a lot of clutter around are often considered to attract negative energy. Clutter is a barrier to Chi. This is the reason why it is essential as per Feng Shui to have a house that is free of all clutter. In this regard, you may consider using and incorporating right storage solutions and options in your home. Using under-bed storage and other hidden storage will be an ideal way of attracting positive energy into your home.

Introduce your birth element in your house

As per the Chinese calendar and zodiac, a certain birth element corresponds to a certain year of birth. If you identify your personal birth element, you can incorporate it in your home décor to further increase the influence of good Chi in your life and living.

Incorporating Feng Shui is all about using the right colors, design elements and patterns in your home interiors. The direction of your rooms and windows also play a very significant role in making your home correspond with the Feng Shui.



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