Feng Shui Your Home This Spring

Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about the harmonious utilization of spaces to let in positive energy and ward off all negativity from your home or office. Originally a part of Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Metaphysics, the concept has becomes extremely popular across the world. Most home-owners ensure that their homes are in accordance with the basic principles or facets of Feng Shui, in order to ensure a balanced way of living. The earliest tools and equipment that were used to apply the principles of Feng Shui included compasses, Feng Shui Wheels and astrolabes. Geographical location, time, space and cosmology played an important role in determining its application in the ancient times. In the modern context, it is the architectural plan of your home, your home furniture and fixtures, as well as the interior design elements that primarily constitute the process of ‘Feng Shuing’ your home.

Installing the Right Shutters for your Home

Spring is considered as one of the best times to Feng Shui your home. As mentioned above, each and every furniture and fitting plays a key role in harmonizing your domestic space, and adhering to the norms of Feng Shui. While in some cultures, windows are considered to be the inlet for drawing in positive energy, others consider them akin to the eyes of the home. In either of the cases, the use of right window treatments has been highlighted time and again, by Feng Shui Experts. Therefore, installing the right shutters is very important to draw in positivity to your home. As far as the city of London is concerned, the climate and the architectural pattern is extremely suitable for Plantation Shutters. If you want to Feng Shui Your London Pad With Shutters, then you definitely need to get in touch with a company that makes customized wooden shutters for your interiors.

Get rid of clutter now!

Before you can even begin the process of using the right architectural and design elements to harmonize your home space, it is necessary to get rid of clutter. Clutter is considered as chaotic, and brings in a world of disharmony and bad luck for the occupants of the space. The age-old Chinese Tao Philosophy clearly states that there is a connection between animate and inanimate objects. So the space you live in, and the organization of your belongings, play an important role in determining your state of mind as well as physical well being. So make sure you de-clutter your home prior to bringing in Feng Shui Window Treatments, Furniture, Fittings and Decor Items. Click here to find out more.

Spring ideas for your home

Spring-Cleaning and De-Cluttering go hand in hand, and both of these are important in order to ensure that your home attains the perfect Feng Shui Balance. Homes are reflective of the inner character of a person. Whether it is for general cleaning or spring cleaning, using Feng Shui method to carry out the cleaning chores is a great way to balance the act and reduce the overall time and energy you spend. As per Feng Shui, your kitchen is the nerve centre of your home and the spring cleaning process must always begin from here. The use of natural cleaners is recommended, rather than using harsh chemicals. You can easily look up on Feng Shui sites and prepare these at home. Aromatic Oils also play an important role for drawing in positive energy. From using scented candles in bathrooms, to using aroma oil diffusers, go ahead and reinvigorate your home with all the natural goodness!

Easy Ways to Apply Feng Shui

Symmetry has a key role to play in Feng Shui, be it in terms of arrangement of furniture, or design of your home fixtures. For instance, the next time you plan to renovate your home or even refurbish it, makes sure you get your window treatments or shutters made from an expert, who can create customized wooden shutters that are considered as the best for Feng Shui. The judicious use of indoor plants has also been advocated, although this must be done in consultation with a Feng Shui Expert only. The burning of a sage stick helps in warding off negative energy, while the use of natural cleaners, scrubs and polishes, like citrus-vinegar cleaner and coconut oil is highly recommended.

Mashables Feng Shui ideas!

Mashable has come up with some excellent Feng Shui Tips, that do not involve any cumbersome activities. These include the removal of all clutter from underneath your bed, keeping electronic gadgets away from the bedroom, removal of all obstacle or barriers in front of, and around the main entrance of your home. The use of a Welcome Mat is also highly recommended.



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