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Chances and challenges of retirement

Reaching the age of retirement is a very significative event in anyone's life, and there are good things about it as well as new issues to sort out. You finally have more time for yourself, for family, and for your hobbies. You have - luckily - fullfillded your life as a working adult and now you can enjoy the rest of your days the way you wish. You can cook for your grandchildren or go on vacation, you can sow flowers or play golf or read a lot, anything you're fond of. 

Also, retirement can be challenging, because some people just have a hard time adjusting to a life without working. Those who lived for their jobs or developed no other occupation besides that, might find all that free time and lack of obligations overwhelming. That's nothing that cannot be handled, but adapting to such a new lifestyle takes some time. 

But that's not the only challenge of retirement. In some cases - more and more as time goes by - retirees might find themselves struggling with bills and debts, short of cash to do all those things they'd like to do with their free time. This can become even worse when they grow older because they need medical care and sometimes even long term care, and that might drain their bank accounts and leave them drowning in debts. Is there a way to cope with all these expenses and the possibility of not having enough annuity?

How to get extra cash

If you own a house, you have value in your hands. That value usually sits unused, unless you sell or rent your property, but in that case you'd need somewhere else to live. Instead, there is a way in which you can turn part of your house's value in to cash you can access, without moving or letting anyone else live in your property. 

There is a special type of mortgage called equity release, which is basically a mortgage but instead of paying it back someday you transfer some or all ownership of your property to your lender. In return, not only do you get cash, but you also get to live in your house for as long as you wish - nobody has the right to kick you out or repossess your property - without worrying. 

The amount you can release depends of factors such as your age and the value of your property. Whatever the case is, this option is available for any home owner over the age of 55. More and more people realize that equity release can fund retirees with insufficient balances and decide to take the step to make their lives better. Even those who don't want - or are unable - to live in their houses because they need long term care, take out an equity release mortgage to avoid paying care bills. Nobody should spend the rest of their lives worrying about paying bills or getting into debt. Growing old should be all about enjoying life, having peace of mind and accessing holidays, trips and home improvement options. You have worked hard to get your retirement, that's the least you deserve.

Equity release for all purposes

Equity release is a great opportunity to get extra cash for home improvements, holidays, hobbies, paying bills or debts, buying your grandchildren presents or getting anything else you could want without worrying about budget restraints. What is great about equity release is that it is safe as a loan, because there is no danger of repossession and no interests or instalments you need to pay every month. This extra lump can give you peace of mind and expand your horizons, making your life much better.

It is no wonder that more and more retirees are opting to release the equity from their homes this way. For this reason, equity release companies are expanding and they are considered a good investment. Even lenders from other areas are looking towards equity release deals. Companies like Equity solutions ltd grow at a fast rate, and this curve doesn't seem to flatten any time soon.

As a matter of fact, experts say that more people will need to borrow to retire in the future, so the business of equity release is expected to keep increasing in the years to come. With costs rising and retirement not being at its best, solutions like these are practically necessary. So, if you want to boost your retirement and enjoy a better life quality without worries or debts, you should consider releasing the equity of your house. You can ask a couple equity release companies for a quote and see how much you could get, and consider it. After all, they say you only live once.

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