Feng Shui Your Home This Spring

Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about the harmonious utilization of spaces to let in positive energy and ward off all negativity from your home or office. Originally a part of Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Metaphysics, the concept has becomes extremely popular across the world. Most home-owners ensure that their homes are in accordance with the basic principles or facets of Feng Shui, in order to ensure a balanced way of living. The earliest tools and equipment that were used to apply the principles of Feng Shui included compasses, Feng Shui Wheels and astrolabes. Geographical location, time, space and cosmology played an important role in determining its application in the ancient times. In the modern context, it is the architectural plan of your home, your home furniture and fixtures, as well as the interior design elements that primarily constitute the process of ‘Feng Shuing’ your home.


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Chances and challenges of retirement

Reaching the age of retirement is a very significative event in anyone's life, and there are good things about it as well as new issues to sort out. You finally have more time for yourself, for family, and for your hobbies. You have - luckily - fullfillded your life as a working adult and now you can enjoy the rest of your days the way you wish. You can cook for your grandchildren or go on vacation, you can sow flowers or play golf or read a lot, anything you're fond of. 

Also, retirement can be challenging, because some people just have a hard time adjusting to a life without working. Those who lived for their jobs or developed no other occupation besides that, might find all that free time and lack of obligations overwhelming. That's nothing that cannot be handled, but adapting to such a new lifestyle takes some time.  Read More...

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We have helped in creating wonderful living spaces with the right Feng Shui treatment. Read through the feedback we have received.

When I moved in to my new house, my life seemed completely out of place. Things went wrong both at the personal and professional front. That's when someone suggested me to try Feng Shui for my home. I contacted Fengshui Fanzine for the job and I'm very happy I did that. These guys performed a wonderful job. My house now looks and feels great!
Winta Yohannes

Everytime I step into my house after a hard day at work, I instantly feel at peace. The ambience rejuvenates me completely. Thank you Fengshui Fanzine for creating such a positive atmosphere in my living space. Feng Shui is good.
Madihah Tewelde

Thank you for all your help in our home to make it into a peaceful haven. I'm completely in love with my home. I can feel the positve energy of Feng Shui in my life. Thank you, again!
Ambessa Amanuel